About CSB Debt Jubilee

WHAT IS CSB Debt Jubilee?


The Debt Jubilee is a financial platform that aims to alleviate the financial struggles faced by people in the country. It caters to all age demographics, from children to adults and senior citizens. The initiative was developed by Civil Social Bahamas who reach out to industry professionals to join hands to provide the general public with the knowledge they need to succeed financially. The platform aims to educate individuals about financial management and provide them with the tools to achieve financial stability.

Mission Statement

Empowerment: Spiritually, Mentally, Materially

Vision Statement

Financial Healing

Did You Know?

A debt jubilee is a concept that dates back to ancient times, and it refers to the forgiveness of all or a portion of debt owed by individuals, businesses, or even nations. The term "jubilee" comes from the Hebrew Bible and refers to a year of emancipation and restoration. In a debt jubilee, debts are typically canceled, and those who owe them are relieved of the obligation to repay them. The idea behind a debt jubilee is to provide debt relief to those who are struggling with debt and to stimulate economic growth by freeing up resources that would otherwise be spent on debt repayment.
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